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thurs, june 8

still no luck on the GEO. tomorrow i hope to have better luck w/ some literature.

I had the tire swapped on the honda so the rim i got from the junkman now has the other tire back on it. I put the salvage yard tire in the trunk because it's not in too bad of shape.
It turns out the tire that was on the no-fittin' rim has some wobble now, and some edge wear. It could be from being on a rim that didn't fit the car right. Plus i found out that the rim which was on the left front has some runout. it took alot of balance weights. Those wheels are both on the rear now.

I was going to do lower ball joints on my sister's car, but didn't find the time. Maybe this weekend.

On the Cougar all i was able to do was adjust the valves, with Sean's help. Hopefully tomorrow i can put the valve covers on and tighten the exhaust. Not much left after that except to run the ignition wires and plugs, fill with oil, and let Sean start it and seat in the new camshaft.