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the junkman cometh

Salvage yard delivery.
He's bringing a wheel for the Honda, and some other stuff.
Maybe he'll take away some of the other junk here.

space saver for honda picture came out better than I thought last night.

junkman's gonna bring me a camry tail lamp relay.

Geo. I can't see spending $200 on a replace-to-check. I can see myself spending $50. I'll be spending $75. Junkman bring distributor with guarantee. whee.

So while waiting, I gather junk. Hmmm. That toyota engine is heavy. Disassemble. Sean wanted to know what the inside looked like anyway. This is the seized engine he removed from his MR2 when he bought it. These pics are mostly for my brother's benefit.

hole in oil pan

where is the piston connecting rod?

wedged in the cylinder, of course

pieces parts

So that's that. The block is still heavy, but I rolled it over to the trailer where I collected most of the other metal scrap.

scrap1 scrap 2 & 3

I'm keeping the MR2 crankshaft for a project... speaking of...
I made this flower with bug the other day out of scrap.


it might look better in real life... or worse.