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still done

Geo's still done ;)
I parked it in the shade and started it early morning after sitting a day. Starts fine.

I sent off a couple parts for the Firebird to be rebuilt. If you recall it had low compression in #4 due to a leaky/sticky intake valve. Not sure the exact cause yet as the head needs to come off to find out. It runs fine, so i want a better head to just swap out when i remove this one to inspect. I'm sending off a higher compression head to be redone as a high performance unit to swap out. Also sent off a camshaft to be reground for higher performance and matched to valves. It should bring my engine closer to stock 1968 performance or better on today's pump gas, given the other modifications done.

The parts are going to my friends at "Primatech Motorsports International"

I cant really afford it all yet, but they accept the parts first. Good guys.

I'm supposed to have a Hyundai of some sort dropped off tomorrow night for a clutch.

And here is a pic of flower #2 with natural weathering added. the bug shows up better, but he might eventually rust too.