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New spring compressor

I finally got my new strut compressor. It's not as nice as a Branick, but cheaper. It's not as easy to use as a clamshell compressor, but it looks a little more Heavy McDuty, and should work on more struts, like the ones on my sister's Celica. Someday I'll prob'ly get a good clamshell too.

So this spring compressor came from harborfreight tools. The box was beat to hell by fedex, but at least it came partially assembled... and they only stripped out one bolt... one that has to come out all the time for height adjustment.

pic links follow

old compressors pic
This is the cheapest type. It's also the most dangerous. I decided I'd rather not risk serious injury as often anymore unless it's too fun, or guaranteed to be accompanied by a swift and painless death. I had one of these slip off before and put a knot in my shin. It could easily have been worse. One also has a rod starting to bend.

This next one is my new one. Upright. Holds strut body in bottom clamp and top spring coil in quad hooks. It looks less dangerous, but each spring now has to be compressed and released twice to complete a strut change operation. I have yet to try it out. I miss my Branick.
new compressor pic