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more geo

well, the junkman is supposed to come back today to give me my $ back on the dizzy. They don't have another one.

Turns out I'm also an idiot anyway, and Geo moved the ign. module to the firewall on the metro some time after 1991. I think it's actually still good. There must be a way to test it, but I don't know what it is yet.

What I thought was a combination of the module and pick-up-coil is just the pick-up-coil. It's a little air gap magnet/stator that sends a signal to the main coil, telling it to collapse it's field and send high voltage to the distributor, which then distributes said voltage to the plugs, hence the name.

The maximum resistance of the pick-up-coil, measured in OHMS, is supposed to be 180. After letting these dizzys sit for some time, the salvage yard one measures 230.5 and the OE one measures 223.6.

The other day, the ohms were closer to spec, and putting it in the freezer just brought the ohms down further (140-180 is the spec).

Same on the ign coil. Primary resistance measured 3.5, until I handled it a bunch, and it went back down... grrr... supposed to be 1.3 max. Freezing also brings it down. Heating brings it up.

So I have a coil and 'pick-up-coil' on order. They should fix the car. There is a chance there is another problem, but I think the car is worth it.

I still dont see the trans leak.

On a lighter note, I did find a replacement fill plug.