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G's honda

i did the brakes on G's honda today. new ft pads, rotors, new rear cylinders.
It stops much more smoothly, but when it's real quiet out, and i have the windows up, I think i can hear a rotor or drum 'walking'... kind of a creaking as it walks in and out while stopping. At high speeds there is also a little shake. I'll have to get the runout gauge and check all the wheels, hubs, and brake components over.

The back left wheel isn't correct for the car, so that might be the problem. It doesn't seat against the hub. I have expressed my concern over this several times in the past, yet the wheel remains.

The old Honda of course needs struts, but most cars do, and they're not leaking. Hondas ride pretty decent even with old struts. They also wont cause a breakdown, so they're not really a concern right now. You have to pull it pretty hard around a bumpy corner to really notice them, unlike on some other cars.


I was going to change the valve cover gasket and distributor o-ring.
The gasket didn't come with the 4 little seals under the cover where the spark plugs go. It needs them. They're all wavy looking and leaky. Sorry, still no camera batteries. I put the old cover gasket back on so i could go get the seals. They had to be ordered. ugh.

With the valve cover off I could see the timing belt. It looks really old, and this is an interference engine. I'll probably change it and the water pump. The other belts are cracking. I went ahead and got some of the parts. I need to call G and see if she wants them on, or if i should return them.
The air filter looks almost as bad as the one i had in my old ford which caught fire. I forgot to buy it... tomorrow i'll get it.

so I went up to the store to get stuff, and the clerk, even though i told him i had a list, insisted on getting one part at a time. He also had to order some stuff i was pretty sure they had in stock if he'd looked it up right.
I forgot to order a few things because i forgot what i needed during the time it took him to get individual parts.
Get belt, come back, get other belt, come back, get 3rd belt, come back, get seal, come back, get other seal.... etc.... aaarrrgggghhhh!!!!!

So tomorrow morning i go back to get the stuff I ordered, and I'll have my list in ink, with part numbers, and I'll avoid that clerk. I think maybe his english is a little weak, and he's a little young. I need the old man to get my parts. I should just quit going to that store really.
I usually have a part# list written down when i go there, but for some reason i thought I'd be OK without one. It's a Honda Civic fercryinoutloud!
My ASE Shemp shirt got me a discount at the Honda dealership today. YAYYY! I saved 29ยข.
Honda I guess has a patent on their distributor O-ring. You can only get it through the dealer, or on line made by 'Inshino'. FelPro and others do not reproduce it.

I'll also be changing plugs on a toyota camry, and i have to look at the Buick again.
The buick's key buzzer started working, and apparently it's on when he plays CDs. It's only s'posed to come on when the door is open. It was turning off while the radio was playing, even with the door open, which i figured was a bonus. guess not. I didn't try any CDs.