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I happened across a local looking for a brake job.
Migel came over with his ford focus.

The brakes are OK to drive on, but sounded like a bus. They could use some work, but not absolutely necessary. I gave him the choice. He might come back for them.

I did change his spark plugs and wires for him. The engine light went off. Hope it stays off.

Later my sister dropped her car off to find the clunk. Ugh! and to see if i can make the fuel gauge work. double ugh ;) better me than the alternative though, IMO.

I think i found the clunk. It might be as I ass-umed... and the reason I bought this new compressor...

I'm liking this new compressor. I got the mount way above the spring seat (highlighted).
No way I could do that with the other type. Even the old Branick compressor wont elevate the mount like that.

More on the clunk, and its exciting history, will have to wait for another post, when the parts come in.