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forgot to buy camera batteries

so no pics :(

I finished up the lesabre. Turns out my problem w/ passenger window was just that i bumped the master switch to 'lock'. D'oh. Thanks Steve.

I had to take out the back seat to do the rear struts. Bleah.

The lock switch just arrived, so now the power locks are all finished.

The back left window has a bad motor. Not sure if Steve wants it replaced or not. I need a break from the Buick for a little while anyway.

The stereo mysteriously healed itself when I took the dash panel out. I hope it stays that way. The dash panel was a big PITA.

I checked out all the brakes as I did the struts. They look OK, but the rears might have some issues in the coming months. Steve had requested that i inspect them.

Tonight Geneva and Lewis are coming by for dinner, and dropping off the Civic for brakes. It shakes badly while stopping.