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Crash test dummies

Vern and I are building a smash up derby car for the State Fair this year. We're also building one for the Carolina Rollergirls but they'll both be flying the team colors.

We brought home an '83 Buick Le Sabre with a big old V6 under the hood.


So it's time to strip the body of all trim pieces to minimize parts that could stick into a tire or a driver. The biggest enemy of a derby driver is fire, so the interior has to lose a lot of flammables. The pictures tell the story pretty well:

Vern in 'da house!

Vern Vacuuming

Junk in the trunk

Taking a break

No carpet

No trim

We've got a long way to go, but great progress for the first few hours in our posession. We need to collapse the bumpers, and make some pie cuts to make the car fold up instead of down when it gets hit. We also need to relocate the battery amd maybe the gas tank. A simple floor shifter should be installed (I think I still have one from the Suprang) and the electricals need to be simplified. We need to clean out the oil pretty good and then put some of the thick stuff in there. It looks a little abused.

Nice project!