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another honda

I've got a honda accord, 1997, sitting here.
I put an axle on it this morning, and may be doing some exhaust/muffler work tomorrow.

I hope the exhaust parts fit. The first axle they gave me was wrong. They pulled the wrong part ...LH axle, Auto trans. This needed the RH axle, and has a manual trans. Way off.
The 2nd axle they gave me was boxed wrong. This car has no antilock brakes. The axle had an antilock exciter ring.
3rd axle was correct, so i took its picture ;)

next to the old one.

here's the new axle nut getting torqued, then after i staked it.

Staking the nut down into the divot is the way some companies do it instead of using a pin to keep the nut from backing off. It means a new nut every time it comes off though. New nut came with the axle.

So now the right CV axle isn't crackling on left turns. I could barely hear it over the exhaust ;)
Left axle was fine.
Hope to fix the exhaust tomorrow.