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6-10-06 saturday

geo's done. i think.

sister's celica makes a loud noise from the right front sometimes.

sister had a ball joint going bad. i was going to replace both, until i heard the loud noise. Then I knew it would not fix the problem. It was loose so i replaced it, and returned the other one to use the money to invest in whatever the real problem is. I need to crawl under there while someone else steers the wheels, and maybe I'll see it.

The geo's starter tried to quit on me this morning for about half a minute. It had been sounding terrible, but I was assured it always sounded like that.

So I think the starter might have been the real 'cold start' problem this whole time. I stuck it in the freezer of course. When I bench tested it while cold the bendix did not engage. New starter.

The ignition is all new except the key switch. It still does not spark until it spins fast, but it should always spin fast. There are no emission codes set.
I should have heeded my brother's warning...
"are you sure it's not supposed to be like that?"
i wouldn't have thought so. My first starting attempt reulted in no spark, no start. The engine was turning. A little spark, engine stutter. Spark-start.

I guess if i had a good description of the symptom when it wouldn't start, or if it had actually done it to me, I would have replaced the starter first off, and never even bothered checking the damn spark.

So anyway, I have a bunch of new Geo ignition parts that i cant return, and I can't charge for. Being a mechanic is great.

Still no leak from the trans, unless it's the front seal, which is covered up. The nose of the starter was oily. Since i changed the fluid and added some oil treatment, whatever leak there may be could slow or stop anyway. It is definitely not as loud now.
I found out they used synthetic oil in it from the factory.
My personal feelings are to not use synthetics in a manual gearbox or differential. There is no pump to get the oil to the parts, and the oil is so slick that the parts dry up while sitting overnight. Since GM went to synth in their differentials, there have been a lot more broken gear teeth. Maybe they just started making the parts cheaper at the same time.

Sean just got home. If he's not too tired he might run the cougar.

I just talked to phil about the geo. he's very understanding and might help me pay for the unneeded ign parts in lieu of labor cost.