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2006-05-16 19:29:53

I finished up the trailer brakes today.
1st I changed the transmission fluid on the 323. It's all done. The K10 is also all done, and gone. Brian said it drives like a completely different truck (that's a good thing).
I also stopped by the GM dealer to order the last parts for my lockup switch on the firechicken.
The parts counter attendant noticed the ASE certification patch on my sleeve
and gave me a 10% discount. Score!

It went kinda like this:
"Where do you work?"
"err, really just out of my yard"
"Well you can't buy that patch at Sears and Roebuck."
"yeah, I took the tests, but they're expired."
"So where do you work? I need a name."
"ummm, scott's garage?"
"OK. Scott's Garage. Is Shemp your first name or last?"