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I was supposed to go out to Russell's place of business to do some work on a couple of his 1ton trucks, but he decided he needed to use them instead. Maybe tomorrow...

Instead, i did a couple of small things I've been meaning to do.

Just simple stuff. Sean bought some new LED trailer lights to replace the ones i busted a while back, so i installed them.

Then I installed some alignment shims in the firebird. Thus far, the alignment is simply eyeballed, and a real alignment is to come later, but the shims i used were home made. The new shims i got from "vette brakes and products" and they are the correct shims with markings on them to tell me how thick they are... 1/32", 1/16", & 1/8" increments. Their website and catalog used to show parts for Firebird/Camaro, but now it's all Corvette :( Some things, like the alignment shims, cross over.