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house call

I went to geneva's last night to spend today working on her truck. The wiring was a little fudged and it wouldn't start, and the steering column was partially apart from when they changed out some electricals. The the ign switch needed to be re-aligned because it was keeping the shifter from working correctly.

The no-start fault when i got there turned out to be just a wire on the starter swapped around, which i was able to fix last night. That wasn't the original problem, just a consequence of not having a good work area and difficult technical communication. The original problem she and her beaux Louis already had fixed, and the column stuff they just didn't have time for today because of work.

Oh yeah, I took a picture of an incense burner i made for her a while back (it was going to be an ashtray but i couldn't bring myself to cut notches in it). It's made out of a brake caliper piston and a u-joint cap, with some little u-bolts for legs and tail.