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metal sculpture

I thought I'd show off some of the things i made. It isn't anything someone else with a torch and a welder couldn't do, but i'm told they're good. There are more, but i failed to take pictures of them all before giving them out. If anyone who reads this has any of my previous sculptures and can send me pics, I'd like to post them. Just contact me through "comments" or my email. If you dont want your comment posted, let me know. Comments may or may not be posted, or may be edited at my discretion.

Click on pics for larger view.

Above is a dragon i gave to my sister for her birthday. The wings are a water pump impellor from an old firebird pump. The eternal pearl is a CV joint bearing.

Below is gimpy frog. He's finished now, and no longer gimpy. I managed to get him a fourth leg and painted him green, but failed to take another pic. He is currently residing in St.Louis county, MO with my friend Tammy.

I finally finished this garden dragon (below) for Geneva. It was supposed to be a birthday present for her about 3yrs ago, but I wanted to put the wings on. I was foolishly waiting for the arrival of a non useable ring gear for the wings, but decided to use a good one which I'm sure I'd never install again anyway.
The neck and body came from the cam and crank shafts out of her first ill-fated ford ranger 2.3 engine. The head is a piston connecting rod from same. The wings are the old ring gear from my Firebird differential, chopped in half. I welded some 5/8 rod to the bottom for ground spikes. She prefers the rusty metal look to paint. The wings should rust in a few weeks.

update 2/26/06 13:32:00
i decided the dragon needed a tail. I almost had it done, and the welder ran out of argon gas :(
it's not easy glueing cast iron with a mig welder, and it's not weapons grade, but it's sufficient for yard art. I just have to keep breaking the welds and re-doing them until they dont break. It wastes a lot of wire and gas. I dont know when I'll have more argon.

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