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Car Show

I showed off my Pantera last Saturday. I didn't take many pics of my car, and though there were a lot of very fine cars there, I only took pics of the ones that I found interesting. I invite you to check out the photo sets for kewl pics.

I really had a great time at the show. My leg muscles hurt from all the wandering and not sitting, but the show was very well attended. It was neet watching people stare at my car. Children ran up to it and pressed their faces at the window. All the car owners were very friendly.

There's a gap between the very expensive and the just enough to keep you from buying it prices. Most of the projects went for about $4k, and I guess that's the accepted ammount to separate regular folks from their money. The Corvette was murdurously expensive considering the total lack of car under that car. The Vega was a humble reminder of my Monza. It too could have been a trailer queen... except it was a f**ng Monza! The kit cars just looked so cheap. Even if they'd been shiny and perfect, I was overcome with cheap. Maybe it was the lack of trim, or the bezels or something more intagable. I suppose the shelby replica was very well done for a kit, authored by C Shelby and all. But it's a race car and that's much easier to duplicate than a luxury GT or even a Gremlin.

I'm really digging the early '60s land yachts. They'd be more fun than my E350 van, but so much more expensive. Another car to savor and protect. I don't need that right now, do I?