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Good news everyone ...
You're going to planet stumbles 4, where the intense gravity means you will most likely be crushed by the weight of your own hair.

Well, did a little work to the bird today. Found out the #4 cylinder has slightly low compression. I suspect the head gasket or uneven mating surfaces, though the head itself has many miles since it was redone... by a Belleville machinist who just might be on his way to my 'dead to me' list. It still runs very well, and the rings test good... Plus I finally have the shift linkage hooked up how i like. It shifts a bit too early for my taste, but that is another matter.

Here is a current engine pic. Note i finally got the front cover painted to match the top cover, and i added some cheap little cap nuts to the top bumper carriage bolts. Did i mention they were cheap? And the paint was free! Yayy for Christmas and parents!

I'm of course still missing the support gussets, and need to replace those little rubber deals where they mount... and the belts are on the opposite way from stock...
OH! I got new belts. 3/8" shorter than the ones i had on there which squealed when cold. Now the adjustment slot tightens the belts at halfway, instead of being maxed out with loose belts. Hooray!

Anyway, not much else today. Installed a new thermostat which i should have replaced on prior assembly, and replaced the oil gauge sender adapter... and i got the nightworker at the corner store in trouble with his boss for refusing to sell me beer AND NOT TELLING ME WHY! I think it's because i'm white (trash ;)

I would like to thank my "brother in law"-ish friend Antny, for driving me around today, and all the little people who made this award possible...
hey, where's my trophy?
Plated plastic?