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Nissan is Gone

The Nissan Stanza taking up room in the yard has left for greener pastures. It belongs to our friend Kim, who decided it was not worth fixing after the clutch and a number of other things went out, or were on their way there.
It really wasn't a bad car, but it needed a good $1500 worth of work to make it an acceptable vehicle (in my opinion).

I didn't take any pics, as it was all so confusing, but I did learn the intricacies of how a trailer hitch works, after not getting it hooked solid to the Silverado1500 provided for towing. And she forgot to bring her key, which I stupidly handed to her the last time she visited, so they had to leave and come back whilst I shuffled vehicles around. I did manage to move the Stanza around a little even without the key, but the steering was locked. I could start it, but couldn't steer.

Anyway, after much car shuffling, the Nissan is gone, and the trailer is gone. The trailer should come back soon.

So... Kim's got her Nissan back. I don't know what she'll do with it.