February 28, 2009


Sean likes to wash cars in the rain. This is the second time I caught him at it.

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March 22, 2007

Mean old Cougar

I drove the Cougar today... with no front brakes, as it turns out. It sounds awful mean, though. Watch this movie and listen:

June 29, 2006


Sean's brakelights and turn signals quit working on the Cougar. It's a sad, sad turn of events.

The brakelight switch and connector were toasted, and the control box for the sequential signals has a bad solder in it somewhere we think (if you tap it it works for a second).

Today I replaced the brake switch and made a new connector. He'll have to do something about the control box for the turn signals, but at least it's driveable.

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June 9, 2006

fri, 6/9

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June 8, 2006

thurs, june 8

still no luck on the GEO. tomorrow i hope to have better luck w/ some literature.

I had the tire swapped on the honda so the rim i got from the junkman now has the other tire back on it. I put the salvage yard tire in the trunk because it's not in too bad of shape.
It turns out the tire that was on the no-fittin' rim has some wobble now, and some edge wear. It could be from being on a rim that didn't fit the car right. Plus i found out that the rim which was on the left front has some runout. it took alot of balance weights. Those wheels are both on the rear now.

I was going to do lower ball joints on my sister's car, but didn't find the time. Maybe this weekend.

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June 7, 2006

cougar cam

it's here, finally.
should be done tomorrow night i hope.

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May 15, 2006

cam's out

Sean gave me permission to pull the camshaft on the Cougar. Hopefully a new one will be here soon. There's nothing wrong with this one except the profile is too radical for street use. The engine was built to be raced.
I had it almost out but realized it was a bit too long to clear.

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May 13, 2006

Off with their heads!

I was at Carolina Auto Masters last month, and my Cougar dynoed a mere 260HP. On the second run, it puked copious ammounts of fluids on the car and some of the Tar Heel SCC members. Yuk.

So I drove it 40 miles home after filling the radiator and parked it. Scott was between cars and he did an initial test using a condom on the radiator kneck instead of the cap. The condom filled up seconds after starting the car. He pressurized the cooling system, and coolant squirted out of cylinders #2 and #6.

Wahhhhh! But I worked on it today, documented a bit after the jump. and slide show at

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May 11, 2006


Looks like we'll be doing some work to Sean's Cougar's engine in the near future. Sean took it to Dyno Day a weekend or so ago, and while on the dynamometer it coughed up some coolant and started to run rough.

I was going to do a leakdown test using Sean's new leakdown tester,

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