November 4, 2006

Burnout Ladies

At the GRM $2006 Challenge I saw a particularly crowd pleasing burnout. Observe:

April 8, 2006

it's alive

Well, the 'prang has all of its gears again. Time will tell if it actually shifts better under power. I dont think these transmissions were made for any real torque. I doubt the differential was either... it seems to be protesting audibly.
At least it can move around now. Sean took it around the block, and is out washing it now in the rain.
He seems very happy :)

April 7, 2006


I have to admire my brother's determination. Some of the bolts holding the transmission to the engine in the Suprang were very nearly inaccessible.

April 4, 2006


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March 31, 2006



what have I done?

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March 15, 2006

Suprang transmission

These are some of the parts from inside of the original transmission of the Suprang.

The main section of the trans is not pictured yet, but may be on another entry. Right now it's wrapped in plastic and balanced on a bucket, making it not very photogenic.

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